Prophet Muhammad's son and his name

Prophet Muhammad’s son and his name

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The Prophet Muhammad had seven children – four daughters as well as three sons. Let’s list them by seniority:

Qasim  – born in Mecca, died in childhood, at the age of 17 months;

Zainab  – was born in Mecca, she later married Abul-‘Assa, the Prophet’s cousin, gave birth to two children – a son ‘Ali and a daughter Umamat, died in her youth;

Rukia  – born in Mecca, she married Askhab ‘Uthman, then she fell ill and died in her youth in Medina, on the day of the battle of Badr;


He was born in Mecca, on the orders of Allah SWT, then he married the Prophet’s cousin, Askhab ‘Ali, gave birth to six children – Hasan, Hussein, Mukhsin, Umma-Kulsum, Zainab, Rukia. Fatima was very beautiful, she was loved by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon her); she is the oldest among the women in heaven. Subsequently He died six months after the death of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The only descendants of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) were his eldest sons – Hasan and Hussein. Among these descendants are the greatest imams, greatest awliya, tarekat sheikhs and other prominent people. His descendants live in our time;

Umm-Kulthum – born after the arrival of Islam ; by Allah’s command she married Ashab ‘Uthman after the death of her older sister Ruki;, and she died in her youth, in the ninth year of the Hijra;

‘Abdullah  – born after receiving a prophecy, died at an early age;

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Ibrahim  – born in the ninth year of Hijri. Further On the seventh day after his birth, the Prophet slaughtered a sacrificial animal (‘aqika), named the child, shaved the hair on his head and distributed silver for the weight of this hair as a donation (sadaqa). . Ibrahim died when he was exactly 18 months old. The Prophet shed tears on the day of his death. When asked,  “Did the Prophet cry?” – he replied:  “These are tears of sadness, but we have never done anything that displeases Allah SWT  .  ” 

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On that day, a solar eclipse was observed, and people began to attribute this to Ibrahim’s death; but Prophet Muhammad told them; “The Sun and the Moon are signs of Allah’s omnipotence, and their eclipses are not associated with the death or birth of anyone.”

The first six children born to Prophet Muhammad were Khadijah, Ibrahim’s mother was Mariyat. All his children, except his beloved daughter Fatima ra, died before him.

May Allah be pleased with them all and may He make us one of the people who will accept their intercession!

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