Parallel Universe according to Islamic view

Parallel Universe according to Islamic view

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Parallel world or Parallel Universe exist? How is the Parallel Universe according to the Islamic view based on the instructions of the Qur’an?. Let’s say one day we find an extraterrestrial knocking on our atmosphere. Without a doubt, this would shock the world. But will the existence of these aliens merely serve to shake the core foundation of all world religions? Will the religion revealed by Allah only stop as meaningless information that there is another intelligent life in  the universe ?


For starters, here is this verse in the Qur’an: “And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the living creatures which He has sown between them, and He has the power to gather them if He wills. (Surah Ash-Shuraa 42:29).

The Arabic term used for the phrase “between the two” is fihima, which can only mean that living things can exist in the heavens and on Earth [1].


One can interpret “living beings” as angels. Because the term “heaven” used here is often used to denote the realm of God. However, there are two problems with this interpretation.

First, there is another verse in the Qur’an where Allah makes a clear distinction between “living beings” and angels: “And to Allah alone prostrate all that is in the heavens and all creatures that creep on the earth and (also) the angels, while they (angels) do not boast.” (Sura An-Nahl: 16:49).

The second is that the term used for “heaven” in Arabic is not synonymous with heaven (“jannah” in the Qur’anic language) to which we will go (God willing). This is as common in human language terminology in general.

As the scholar Muhammad Asad explains in his translation. The Message of the Qur’an: “The term (“heaven” or “sky”) is as applied to anything that lies above as a canopy over something. Thus, the sky which appears to stretch out like a roof over the earth as if like a canopy, is called the same: and this is the main meaning of the term in the Qur’an; in a broader sense, it has the connotation of a “cosmic system”. “


It should also be noted that the first chapter of the Koran, which all Muslims recite in their daily prayers, contains the verse “Praise be to Allah, the Sustainer and Sustainer of the world,” (Sura Al-Fatihah 1:2) .

Notice the plural form of “world”. The meaning here is that God is the Creator, Sustainer, and Master of all the worlds in our universe — and, inevitably, every inhabitant of those worlds.

Yusuf Ali, a translator of the most widely read Qur’an in the world, also commented on this, saying that “It is reasonable to assume that Life takes place in millions of space and time with millions of different and stratified universes . level.

The existence of extraterrestrial beings is not something that is outside the boundaries of  Islamic thought , because it has been proven a lot and is not just a vague assumption that must be denied.


However, it is also important to note that in the previous verse, “parallel worlds” do not apply to celestial bodies only.

The advent of quantum mechanics and string theory has given rise to the insight that our physical universe is made up of more dimensions than our observable four.

Initially, scientists believed that space and matter consisted of four dimensions: width, height, length, and time.

But with the discovery of Dark Matter and the fact that our universe is expanding, according to the most accepted theory so far among cosmologists (to which the Qur’an alludes to in Surah Adh-Dhariyat 51:47), scientists have discovered that another dimension beyond our understanding exists. Or, as Einstein discovered, our dimensional space is not “the only one.” Furthermore, string theory infers the existence of multiple universes — or parallel universes , in the sense that there are millions of other universes besides the one we live in today.


Muslims have known many dimensions and parallel worlds long before such terms were coined. Jinn is an Arabic term used in the Koran to describe creatures that live beyond our perception. As Muhammad Asad points out, the term is popularly associated with “jinn” or “devil”, when its real meaning has much broader implications than that.

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The term Jinn is derived from the Arabic verb janna, which is best described as something that is “veiled from sight” and “thus can be applied to all kinds of invisible beings or forces.”

The fact that the jinn are hidden from our senses implies that they live in dimensions beyond our dimensional perception. In fact, developments in quantum mechanics have shown that our universe could be made up of eleven or 24 separate dimensions.

The Qur’an often refers to “a world that is beyond the reach of human perception” and it is therefore quite possible that, when we live in our observable four-dimensional space, the dimensions remaining beyond our perception also accommodate their own inhabitants. .

Furthermore, it is quite possible that our universe is just one of many “multiverses”.


Michio Kaku is one of the leading physicists in the world today. He succinctly explains how the multiverse theory works that way: he likens it to our universe as an expanding bubble, with other bubbles being part of it.

These other universes could be at different stages of development, some beginning, some ending, and some expanding alongside ours. The prospect of many universes existing apart from each does not pose a problem in Islamic thought .

As Muslims , we see it not as a rejection of God’s power, but as a greater magnification of His infinite capabilities, that He has the power to create and manage every detail of the universe and He (Allah SWT) is never tired of doing things. that .


The process of creation is ongoing, and it is very likely that other universes parallel to ours are being created as we speak. There are several verses in the Qur’an that mention this ongoing process of creation:

“Say:” “Is there any of your allies who can start the creation of a creature, then repeat it (reviving) it again?” say: “It is Allah who initiates the creation of creatures, then repeats them (revives) them; then how are you turned away (to worship other than Allah)?”
(Sura Jonah 10:34).

Or who created (man from the beginning), then repeats it (again)…
(Sura An-Naml 27:64).

“And do they not pay attention to how Allah created creation, then repeat it: indeed it is easy for Allah.” (Sura Al-‘Ankabut 29:19).

Perhaps the term “creation” refers to the creation and reproduction of mankind as well as the creation and reproduction of various universes at large. The Qur’an also implies this with the creation of the heavens.

It is Allah, Who created all that is on earth for you and He willed (created) the heavens, then He made seven heavens. And He is All-Knowing of all things.
(Sura Al-Baqarah 2:29).


It is important to note here that the Qur’an was revealed in Arabic. And any attempt to translate it into English, Indonesian or any other language results in the loss of many of the metaphors and idioms common in Arabic.

One such expression, as Muhammad Asad said. Is that “in Arabic usage – as well as in other Semitic languages ​​– the number “seven” is often synonymous with “some”… just as “seventy” or “seven hundred” often means “many” or “very much”… This , taken together with the accepted linguistic definition that “everything is equal with respect to what is beneath it” (similar to heaven or heaven) can explain the “seven heavens” which denote the multitude of cosmic systems. “


The possibility of life on other planets — even in other universes — has always been thought to lie in the realms of Star Trek and Stargate. However, the more we learn about our universe , the more we see that science fiction is becoming science fact.

Unfortunately, many people are restless and do not believe that such things will be blasphemous or will somehow extinguish belief in God. But as we have seen, both claims are false. The existence of aliens and parallel universes must stand on its own merits and scientific evidence.

And if such things do exist, then so be they; Islamic faith will remain unchanged, undisturbed, by their existence.

Muhammad Asad beautifully summarizes Islam ‘s position on extraterrestrial life, its many universes and dimensions in the following sections:

“The Qur’an often refers to the “world which is beyond the reach of human perception” (al-ghayb). While God is often referred to as “Sustainer of all worlds” (rabb al-alamin). And the use of the plural clearly shows that alongside the “world” open to our observation there is another “world” as well. And, therefore, other forms of life also exist, may be the same and may also differ from one another, but interact subtly and may even penetrate one another in ways beyond our present knowledge. “

Video About Parallel Universe or Parallel Universe

Another View of the Parallel Universe from the Perspective of the Quran

Our 3D World Nature

We live in a world defined by three spatial dimensions – length, width and height (or depth).

In addition to these three dimensions, Einstein postulated a fourth dimension, namely time. In his special theory of relativity, he explained how light propagates at a constant speed relative to all observers. To explain this scenario, time must be considered as a fourth dimension. That is, instead of considering space and time independently of each other, he proposes a single concept of space-time.

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When one mentions “different dimensions”, we tend to think of things like parallel universes too – alternative realities that exist in parallel with our own; where things work differently. However, the reality of measurements and how they contribute to the regularity of our universe is very different from the popular simplistic view of matter.

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Scientists believe that in addition to the visible three dimensions, there may be much more. In fact, the theoretical basis of the so-called  “superstring theory”  suggests that the universe exists in ten different dimensions. These various aspects, according to the theory, are what govern the universe , the fundamental forces of nature; and all the elementary particles contained therein.

Things to keep in mind here; is that a theory is always an attempt by scientists to understand nature or the universe and how it works. That is, theory is a construction of the human mind; and it is relevant to the Universe exactly insofar as it has practical significance in applying it to our understanding of the Universe.

Allah is Lord of the entire universe (and the universe)

One of the frequently repeated descriptions of Allah (SWT) given in the Qur’an; what Muslims regard as His word, is that He is “God of the Universe”. Also note the following verses:

“He is Allah, the Creator, the Creator, the Shaper. She has the most beautiful name. What is in heaven and on earth glorifies Him. He is the Mighty, the Wise.” (Sura al-Hasr, verse 24)

“Glory be to Him in whose hands is dominion over all things! To Him you will be returned.” (Sura Ya Sin, verse 83)

“Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.” (Sura al-Fatihah, verse 2)

The Qur’an emphasizes that Allah is the only Creator and Creator of the entire universe; which includes galaxies, stars, planets, sun and moon, and everything else in existence.

The Qur’an and the concept of a parallel world and Parallel universe

Indeed, the word “world” mentioned in the Qur’an indicates their plurality. This applies to everything in the known universe – the millions of galactic systems, each of which carries hundreds of thousands of stars and planets. And if parallel universes or dimensions and realities that do not accept our sensory understanding exist; they are also in the possession of Allah SWT.

We need to understand that the Qur’an is not a scientific work, does not provide detailed explanations of scientific theories and does not use scientific terminology. We will not find the expression “ parallel universes ” in the Qur’an. But we can see that the idea of ​​parallel universes is not excluded by the Qur’an. In addition, expressions that describe Allah SWT as “Lord of the worlds”; indeed refers to all the universes that have or have not been understood by our science.

Whether the existence of parallel worlds or parallel universes has not been scientifically proven

Scientists are conducting research on the topic of parallel universes ; and based on the unusual discoveries of quantum physics, they suggested that it is possible that other laws operate in our world at a different rate than what we are familiar with.

But until now, scientists have not found clear scientific evidence of the existence of parallel universes . But there is no limit to speculation about them; and some even suggest that other universes exist at other levels less than a millimeter from ours .

Parallel universel and parallel world from the point of view of the Qur’an

Everyone who studies the Qur’an can see that the Qur’an is positive; and strongly supports scientific research and exploration of the mysteries of our universe and beyond. Indeed, the existence of a higher dimension of space, which scientists point to; only supports the religious idea of ​​the existence of another world beyond our own.

At the same time, Islam teaches that there is only one God – Allah SWT; and, of course, He could have created any number of universes , operating according to different laws. But our job is to live on earth as God’s representatives and try to fulfill His will, obeying His laws.

Future life may be predetermined in parallel universes , but we cannot verify this. At the same time; It should be noted that there is no parallel universe with a series of different dimensions that can deny the eternal truths stated in the Qur’an. Our task is to live according to the same eternal truth, in the hope of receiving a reward from the All-Merciful God.

Oxford scientists prove the existence of parallel worlds or Parallel Universe

British scientists from Oxford proved the existence of parallel worlds. The head of the scientific team, Hugh Everett, describes this phenomenon in detail, MIGnews wrote Friday.

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity is the result of the creation of the parallel world hypothesis, which perfectly explains the nature of quantum mechanics. This also explains the existence of parallel worlds even in the example of a broken cup. There are many outcomes of this event: the mug will fall at the person’s feet and not break, the person will be able to catch the mug in the fall. The number of results, as previously stated by scientists, is not limited. The theory had no actual background, so it was quickly forgotten. In Everett’s mathematical experiments, it was discovered that, being inside an atom, one cannot say that it really exists. To establish its dimensions, it is necessary to take a position “from the outside”: measuring two places at the same time.

Will one be able to live in another dimension? In a parallel world or in another universe (Parallel Universe)

The term “parallel world” is familiar. People have thought of its existence since the beginning of life on Earth. Beliefs in other dimensions arose with humans and were passed down from generation to generation in the form of myths, legends, and fairy tales. But what do we moderns know about Parallel reality ? Do they really exist? What do scientists think about this? And what awaits a person if he enters another dimension?

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General scientific opinion about the parallel universe or parallel universe

Physicists have long said that everything on Earth exists in a certain space and time. Humanity lives in three dimensions. Everything in it can be measured in height, length and width, therefore, within this framework, the understanding of the universe is concentrated in our minds. But officially, academic science admits that there may be other planes hidden from our eyes . In modern science there is the term “string theory”. It is difficult to understand, but it is based on the fact that in the Universe there is not one, but several spaces. They are invisible to humans because they exist in a compressed form. There may be from 6 to 26 such measurements (according to scientists).

In 1931, Fort Charles America introduced the new concept of “teleportation place”. It is through this part of space that you can enter one of the parallel worlds. That’s where poltergeists, ghosts, UFOs and other supernatural entities come to people. But because these “doors” open in both directions – to our world and one of parallel realities – it is possible that people can disappear into one of these dimensions.

New theory about parallel universe

The official theory of parallel worlds appeared in the 50s of the twentieth century. It was discovered by mathematician and physicist Hugh Everett. This idea is based on the laws of quantum mechanics and probability theory. Scientists say that the number of possible outcomes of each event is equal to the number of parallel worlds. There may be an infinite number of such options. Everett’s theory has been criticized and discussed among scientific figures for many years. However, recently, professors from the University of Oxford can logically confirm the existence of a reality parallel to our field. Their discovery is based on the same quantum physics.

Researchers proved that atoms, as the basis of everything, as the building blocks of any substance, can occupy different positions, that is, appear simultaneously in several places. Like elementary particles, everything can exist at some point in space, that is, in two or more worlds.

Real examples of people moving into parallel universes

In mid-19th century Connecticut, two officials, Judge Wei and Colonel McArdle, were caught in a thunderstorm and decided to hide from them in a small wooden hut in the woods. When they entered there, the sound of thunder was no longer heard, and around the travelers there was silence and deep darkness. They found a wrought-iron door in the darkness and peered into another room filled with a faint greenish light. The judge entered and disappeared at once, and McArdle slammed the heavy door, fell to the floor and lost consciousness. Later, the colonel was found in the middle of the road far from the location of the mysterious building. Then he realized, told this story, but until the end of his life he was considered crazy.

In 1974, in Washington, one of the administration building employees; Mr. Martin, went outside after work and saw his old car not where he left it in the morning, but across the street. He approached it, opened it and wanted to go home. But suddenly the key didn’t fit into the ignition. In a panic, the man returned to the building and wanted to call the police. But inside everything was different: the walls were a different color, the phone was missing from the lobby, and there was no office on the floor where Mr. Martin works. Then the man ran out and saw his car where he had parked it in the morning. Everything returned to its original place, because the employee did not report the strange incident that happened to him to the police, and only told it years later. Perhaps, for a short time,

Wallahua’lam bisshawab.

In an ancient castle near Comcrieff in Scotland, two women disappear on the same day. The owner of the building named McDougley said strange things were happening inside and there were old occult books. To search for something mysterious; two old women quietly climb into the house, which its owner abandoned after an old portrait hit him one night. The women went to the space on the wall, which appeared after the fall of the image, and disappeared. Rescue teams were unable to find them or any trace of the tartan. It is possible that they opened a portal to another world, entered it and did not return.

Will people be able to live in another dimension?

There are differences of opinion about whether it is possible to live in one of the parallel worlds. Although there are many cases of people transitioning to other dimensions; neither of those who returned after a long stay in another reality made their journey successful. Some went crazy, others died, others suddenly grew old.

The fate of those who pass through the portal and end up in another dimension forever remains unknown. Psychics constantly say that they are in contact with beings from other worlds. Proponents of the idea of ​​anomalous phenomena say that all the missing people are on a level parallel to ours. Maybe things would work out if someone could get into one of them and come back; or if the missing suddenly start appearing in our world and accurately describe how they live in parallel dimensions.

Thus, parallel worlds can become other realities that have been practically unknown for thousands of years of human existence. Theories about them so far remain only conjectures, ideas, conjectures, which modern scientists have explained little. It is quite possible that the universe has many worlds, but does one need to know about them and enter into them; or is it enough for us to live peacefully in our space.

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