Dinasti Abbasiyah : Sejarah Awal berdirinya, Masa Keemasan dan Masa Kehancuran

Dinasti Abbasiyah adalah dinasti Arab yang awalnya memerintah sebagian besar kerajaan Islam (kecuali beberapa bagian barat) setelah mengambil alih kekhalifahan pada tahun 750 M, kemudian kerajaan mereka terpecah-pecah, namun, mereka mempertahankan supremasi spiritual sebagai khalifah sampai 1258 M. Mereka mengambil gelar kekhalifahan setelah menggulingkan Dinasti Umayyah yang berkuasa , karenanya menjabat sebagai dinasti kedua yang menjabat sebagai Khilafah (632-1924 M, sebentar-sebentar).

Golden Age of Islam

The golden age of Islam  or  Islamic revival ,  – a historical period from about the middle  of the VIII  to the middle Inu  of the 13th century , at the beginning of which  the Arab Caliphate  was the largest state of its time. Within the framework of the caliphate, a common Muslim cultural space was formed, which continued to exist even after its collapse. Thanks to … Read more…

Happy according to Islam and the Koran

Happiness, this is what humans always pursue. Humans want to live happily. Live a quiet, serene, peaceful, and prosperous life. Some people pursue happiness by working hard to accumulate wealth. He thought that in the abundance of wealth there was happiness. There are those who pursue happiness on the throne, on power. He did various ways to seize power. After all, power is synonymous with happiness and enjoyment in life. With power one can do a lot. The sick thought, happiness lies in health. Poor people think that happiness lies in wealth. The common people think that happiness lies in power. And other assumptions. So what is called “Happy Life” (sa’adah/happiness)? What is the meaning of happiness according toIslam.??