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Abu Hurairah – Biography and Life Story

Millions of Muslims from the time of the revelation of Islam to the present day have heard of one name – Abu Hurairah (radiyallahu anhu). He is mentioned in more than 1600 hadiths. Tufayl bin Amr was the leader of the Daws tribe, who lived on the coast of the Red Sea in the south of the Arabian Peninsula. Abu Hurairah belongs to this tribe. Tufayl helped him become a Muslim , here is the story of Abu Hurairah

Hanging Gardens of Babylon History of the Seven Wonders of the World

The Hanging Gardens of  Babylon are one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which are engineering structures in Babylon with a cascade of terraced gardens where many species of trees, shrubs and vines grow, giving the impression of a huge green mountain. The only one of the Seven Wonders, whose final location has not been established and, moreover, the fact of its existence is questionable, since there are no surviving Babylonian texts, which mention these gardens, descriptions of the gardens are only available in late ancient Greek and Roman writers, and archaeological excavations in the area where the garden was supposed to be located have also yielded no results.

Everything you need to know about Islam

Islam , the world’s main religion spread by the Prophet Muhammad in Arabia in the 7th century AD. The Arabic term Islam, which literally means “surrender”, describes the basic idea of ​​Islam —that a believer (called a Muslim, from the active particle of Islam) accepts submission to Allah’s will (in Arabic, Allāh: God). God is seen as the only God—the creator, sustainer, and restorer of the world. Allah’s will, which humans must submit, is expressed through the holy book, the Qur’an (often spelled Qur’an in English), which Allah revealed to His messenger, Muhammad. In IslamMuhammad is considered the last of a series of prophets (including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Solomon, and Jesus), and his message simultaneously completes and completes the “revelation” attributed to the previous prophets.

Parallel Universe according to Islamic view

Parallel world or Parallel Universe exist? How is the Parallel Universe according to the Islamic view based on the instructions of the Qur’an?. Let’s say one day we find an extraterrestrial knocking on our atmosphere. Without a doubt, this would shock the world. But will the existence of these aliens merely serve to shake the core foundation of all world religions? Will the religion revealed by Allah only stop as meaningless information that there is another intelligent life in  the universe ?

Semua yang perlu Anda ketahui tentang agama Islam

Islam, agama utama dunia yang disebarkan oleh Nabi Muhammad di Arab pada abad ke-7 Masehi. Istilah bahasa Arab islām, yang secara harfiah berarti “menyerah”, menjelaskan ide dasar agama Islam—bahwa orang beriman (disebut seorang Muslim, dari partikel aktif islām) menerima penyerahan diri kepada kehendak Allah (dalam bahasa Arab, Allāh: Tuhan). Allah dipandang sebagai satu-satunya Tuhan—pencipta, pemelihara, dan pemulih … Read more…

Motivasi Hidup Untuk Diri Sendiri

Yang di perlukan hanyalah pemahaman tentang bagaimana menghargai waktu Kalian dengan benar dan keberanian untuk menindaklanjuti rencana itu alih-alih menerima kurang dari apa yang sebenarnya Kalian inginkan dari kehidupan.