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Abu Hurairah – Biography and Life Story

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Millions of Muslims from the time of the revelation of Islam to the present day have heard of one name – Abu Hurairah (radiyallahu anhu). He is mentioned in more than 1600 hadiths. Tufayl bin Amr was the leader of the Daws tribe, who lived on the coast of the Red Sea in the south of the Arabian Peninsula. Abu Hurairah belongs to this tribe. Tufayl helped him become a Muslim , here is the story of Abu Hurairah:

After Tufayl met the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) and converted to Islam , he returned to his tribe and called for them to follow his example. Abu Hurairah immediately said the creed. However, many people are stubborn. It took them a long time to believe.

Once Abu Hurairah went with Tufayl to Mecca to see the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam). He asked the guest:

– What’s your name?

“Abd al-Shams,” replied Abu Hurairah.

“May you have a new name, Abdul Rahman, servant of the Most Merciful,” said the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam).

Abu Hurairah is the nickname given to Sahab as a child. From a young age, she loved cats and even took care of kittens when she was little. Therefore, his friends started calling him Abu Hurairah, which means “father of the cat”. After that, the nickname stuck to this man, and his real name was almost forgotten.

Abu Hurairah lived with the tribe for several years after he became a Muslim. In the seventh year of the Hijra, he came to Medina with some members of his tribe. They stopped at the mosque. At that time, the young man had no family and children, he was only accompanied by his mother. Abu Huraira prayed that he would convert to Islam , but the woman refused.

Again, he called his mother to believe in the One Creator and His Prophet (sallallahu aleiki wa sallam), but the woman spoke harshly about the Prophet. Then Abu Hurairah came to him with tears in his eyes . “Why are you crying?” – He asked.

“I always encouraged my mother to convert to Islam , but she always refused. So this time. In addition, he shows his displeasure and speaks impartially about you. Can you pray for him and help him see the Truth?” replied Abu Hurairah.

The Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) prayed that the woman would convert to Islam . When Abu Hurairah returned to the house, he saw that the door was closed. Then he heard the gurgling of water. He tried to get into the house, but his mother asked, “Wait a minute, don’t come in now.” The woman quickly got dressed and called out, “Now you can come in.”

When Abu Hurairah entered the room, his mother said, “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His servant and messenger.”

This time again Abu Hurairah ran to the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) crying, but it was tears of happiness. “I have good news, O Most High Messenger. God answered your prayers and helped my mother become a Muslim,” he exclaimed.

Abu Hurairah loved the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) very much. He likes to look for a long time on his pious face, which shines like the sun. He often thanked the Almighty for this mercy and said: “All praise be to Allah, who guided Abu Hurairah to the Truth. Praise be to Allah who taught Abu Hurairah to read the Qur’an and made him a Companion.”

Abu Hurairah was very thirsty for knowledge. Sahab Zaid bin Thabit said: “One time Abu Hurairah, I and one of our acquaintances were praying in the mosque. At that time the Prophet came and sat next to us. We stopped praying, but he told us to continue. After we finished worshiping, the Prophet said “Amen.” Abu Hurairah continued to recite a prayer and begged the Almighty to be given knowledge that would not be forgotten. Once again the Prophet said “Amen”.

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Abu Hurairah had an extraordinary memory and was able to remember everything the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said. He does not spend time in the market or in the field, but is always close to the mentor. The Companions were astonished at how many hadiths he could memorize, and often asked him questions.

Once Marwan bin Hakim decided to test Abu Hurairah’s memory. He called the scribe and told him to sit behind the curtain so he could write down everything Sahab said. A year later, he invited Abu Hurairah and asked him to repeat the hadith again. However, he did not forget anything and repeated everything word for word.

Abu Hurairah wanted all Muslims to strive for knowledge. One day he was walking in the market and saw how people were busy selling and buying things, so he exclaimed: “O people of Medina, how poor you are!”

However, sellers and buyers do not understand it. Then Sahab explained: “You are here, and not near the Prophet, and do not heed his instructions.” After that, people rushed to the mosque.

Abu Hurairah spent a lot of time in studying. Therefore, his material wealth left much to be desired. Often he was hungry and tied a stone to his stomach. Sometimes he met the Companions and said that he could come to their house and tell the hadith. However, the situation soon changed. Abu Hurairah received large spoils of war, bought a house and married. However, his character and habits remain the same: he always remembers the days when he was poor and often says: “I was an orphan, I emigrated as a poor man, I was a camel rider. God helped me to marry a woman named Bushra. I thank God for strengthening my faith.”

Abu Hurairah spent a lot of time in worship, fasting and reciting additional prayers in the first third of the night. Then he rested, and his wife prayed in the second third of the night. Then he went to bed, and the last third of the night was served by their daughter. Thus worship continued in their homes throughout the night. He left this world in the year 59 Hijri at the age of 78 years.

Biography of Abu Hurairah

Abu Hurairah was born in 19 before Hijri. His name before embracing Islam is not clearly known, but the popular opinion is Abdusy Syam. While his Islamic name is Abdur-Rahman. He comes from the tribe of Al-Dusi in Yemen. He embraced Islam in the 7th year of Hijri when the Prophet left for Khaibar. At that time, his mother had not accepted Islam and even insulted the Prophet. Abu Huraira met the Prophet and asked him to pray for his mother to convert to Islam . Then Abu Hurairah returned to his mother and invited her to convert to Islam . It turns out that his mother has changed her mind and is ready to convert to Islam .

After returning from the War of Khaibar, the Prophet wanted to expand the Prophet’s mosque towards the west by adding three more columns. When the Messenger of Allah lifted the stone for the foundation of the pillar, Abu Hurairah directly asked him to hand over the stone but the Prophet refused and said “There is no real life but the life of the hereafter”.

Abu Hurairah loved the Messenger of Allah so much that whoever the Messenger loved, he also loved him. For example, Abu Huraira liked to kiss Hasan and Hussein because he saw the Messenger of Allah like to kiss his two grandsons. He was given the title “Abu Hurairah” because of his love of playing with kittens. It is said that one day when Abu Hurairah met the Messenger of Allah, he asked Abu Hurairah about what was inside his shirt sleeve, then Abu Hurairah showed that inside his shirt sleeve was a kitten. After that he was given a title by Rasulullah` with the name “Abu Hurairah” and since then he prefers to be called by that title.

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Abu Hurairaha moved to Medina to work. There, he worked as a manual laborer or more often we call it a laborer. He often tied a stone in his stomach to stifle his hunger. It is said that he lay stretched out on the pulpit of the mosque so that people thought he was out of his mind. When the Messenger of Allah ` heard the news, he immediately went to Abu Hurairah and explained to the people that Abu Hurairah did this because he was hungry. Then the Messenger of Allah gave him food.

Abu Hurairah was a very close friend of the Prophet. He is known as one of the shuffah scholars, that is, poor people or those who are studying knowledge who live in the courtyard of the mosque. One day he was sitting on the side of the road where people were walking. At that time he saw Abu Bakara walking, then he asked for a verse of the Qur’an to be read. “I asked that so that he would invite me to come with him and give me a job”, said Abu Hurairah. But Abu Bakara only recited the verses of the Qur’an and then left. Then he saw Umar ibn Khattaba and said “please teach me the verses of the Qur’an”. Abu Hurairah was disappointed again because Umar did the same thing that Abu Bakr did. Soon the Messenger of Allah came. The Prophet smiled, Abu Hurairah said in his heart, “he knows exactly what is in my heart, he can read my facial expressions exactly,” the Prophet called “yes aba Hurairah!” Abu Hurairah replied:Labbaik , O Messenger of Allah!”. Then the Messenger of God said, “Follow me!” he invited to his house. Inside the house was found a bowl of milk “where did this milk come from?” asked the Messenger of Allah. He said that someone had given the milk. The Messenger called, “Yes Aba Hurairah!” Abu Hurairah replied “Labbaik, O Messenger of Allah!” “please call the suffahs,” said the Messenger of Allah. The milk was distributed to the suffah people, including Abu Hurairah. Since then, Abu Hurairah served the Messenger of Allah, joining the suffahs in the mosque.

Abu Hurairah narrated many Hadiths because he accompanied the Messenger of Allah for three years, since Abu Hurairah embraced Islam. Abu Hurairah said, “…….indeed our brothers from the emigrants are busy with their affairs in the market and the Ansar are busy working in their fields, while I am a poor person who is always with the Messenger of Allah in the mil’i batni. I was present in the assembly where they were not present and I memorized when they forgot” (Hadith Narrated by Bukhari). At first Abu Hurairah had a weak memory, then he complained to the Messenger of Allah. Rasulullah’ then prayed for Abu Hurairah to be given a strong memory. Since then, Abu Hurairah has a strong memory so that Abu Hurairah is able to narrate many Hadiths even the most among the companions.

The story of Abu Hurairah guarding the Zakat Warehouse

Abu Hurairah was once given the task by the Messenger of Allah to look after the zakat warehouse. One night, Abu Hurairah saw people lurking about to steal, so he caught them. He was going to bring that person to the Messenger of Allah, but the thief begged for mercy, stating that he stole to feed his starving family. Abu Hurairah felt pity and released the thief on the condition that the person would not repeat the act again. The next day, the incident was reported to the Prophet and he smiled and said that the thief would definitely return. It turned out that the next night the thief came again. Once again Abu Hurairah caught the thief and wanted to hand him over to the Messenger of God. Once again, the thief pleaded until Abu Hurairah felt sorry and let him go again. The next day he reported the incident to Rasulullah` and Rasulullah` repeated his words that the thief would definitely return. When the thief was caught again, Abu Hurairah threatened to take him to the Prophet. The next night the thief was caught again and begged to be released once more. When Abu Hurairah did not want to release, the thief stated that if a person recites the Kursi verse before going to sleep, the devil will not disturb him. Abu Hurairaha was touched to hear the thief’s words and let him go. The next day, he told the incident to Rasulullah` and he said, “The thief he met was a big liar, but what he taught Abu Hurairah was a true matter.

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Abu Hurairah’s attitude towards the slander that happened in his time.

Although Abu Hurairah was a poor person, one day he was betrothed by one of his rich employers to marry his daughter, Bisrah bint Gazwan. This shows that Islam does not look at a person’s social status but what is looked at is his piety. Abu Hurairah was considered noble because of his wisdom and piety. Since getting married, Abu Hurairah divided his night into three parts, namely reading the Qur’an, rest and family, and to repeat the hadith. He and his family still live a simple life even though they have become rich. Abu Hurairah likes to give alms, entertain guests, and even give his house in Medina to his servants.

The Prophet once sent Abu Hurairah to preach to Bahrain with Al-‘Ala ibn Abdillah Alhadrami. He was also once sent with Quddamah to collect jizyah in Bahrain with a letter to Amir Al-munzir ibn Sawa At-Tamimi. Then Abu Hurairah was appointed as the governor of Bahrain when Umara became Amirul Mu’minin. But on 23 Hijri, Umara dismissed him because Abu Hurairah was accused of keeping money amounting to 10,000 dinars. When questioned, Abu Hurairah gave a lot of evidence that the property was obtained from breeding horses and gifts from people. Caliph Umara accepted the explanation and forgave him. Then Abu Hurairah was asked to accept the position of governor again, but he refused. CaliphUmar ibnu Khattaba permanently forbade Abu Hurairah to deliver Hadiths and could only deliver verses from the Qur’an. This is due to the spread of news that Abu Hurairah narrated many false Hadiths. The Caliph ‘s ban was later revoked after Abu Hurairah explained the Hadith about the dangers of false Hadith. “Whoever lies about me (Prophet Muhammad`) intentionally, should prepare his seat in the fire of hell.” (Hadith Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, At-Tirmidhi, Ibnu Majah, Ad-Darimi, and Ahmad).

At the time of Amirul Mu’minin Ali bin Abi Thaliba, Abu Hurairah rejected the offer to become the governor of Medina. When Mu’awiyah came to power, Abu Hurairah was appointed governor of Medina with the advice of Marwan ibn Hakam. In this city full of light (Al-Madinah A-Munawwarah) he breathed his last in the year 57 or 58 Hijri (676-678 AD) at the age of 78. Abu Hurairah left 5,374 Hadiths. The Hadith of Abu Hurairah agreed by Imam Bukhari and Muslim totals 325 Hadith. By Bukhari himself as many as 93 hadiths and by Muslim himself as many as 189 hadiths. The hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah is also found in many other hadith books.

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